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Oh NOW he's scared..

In early April a suicide blast ripped though a Pakistani shrine packed with thousands of devotees, leaving scores dead. Both attackers were schoolboys in their early teens. But one survived and told the BBC's Aleem Maqbool what made him want to take his… more »


Mission Accomplished, despite Ignorance

So Pastor Terry Jones has backed off of a plan to burn korans after being deceived into believing the Cordoba Mosque is being moved from Ground Zero. Jeez, there's nothing more stupid than going into a battle without counting the cost or considering… more »


The hypocrisy of "There is no right or wrong"

An excellent posting at John Ray's dissecting Leftism. Here's a sample: When Leftists say, "There's no such thing as right and wrong", they are normally referring to moral judgments. They use that formula when confronted with something as uncomforta… more »


Jimmy Carter hates through others

The link is to an article doing arm chair psychoanalysis of (thankfully) former President Jimmy Carter and why he is trying to visit Hamas: The title comes from the money quote: When one, instead of recognizing and metabolizing his hatreds and aggre… more »


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Measuring Societies and Cultures

Some insight from Sigmund, Karl and Alfred that supports James Lewis' thesis that Europeans never left off being Imperialistic: Societies and cultures are measured by what they build and not by what they destroy. They are also measured by how they co… more »


Bin Laden's Nightmare Scenario

While thinking about the Arab/Israeli conflict, I got a revelation of the Bin Laden's (and Islam's) "Nightmare Scenario". One of the goals of Osama Bin Laden and every terrorist cell is the unification of the Umma (the world-wide body of Muslims) beh… more »




A good post at Israpundit that shows who's got the real phobia... more »


Telling it like it is, on Darfur.

A terrific article on how the WESTERN media and the Left have unwittingly conspired and acted to foul up any chances of intervention in stopping the genocide taking place in Darfur. Oh sure, they may wring their hands nervously, bewail the slaughter,… more »


The core weakness of the West

Bruce Thornton notes the following in his article at Dr. Hanson's website: The West’s condemnation of Israel’s accidental shelling of two Palestinian Arab houses that killed 18 people once more reveals the bizarre incoherence that addle… more »


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Hot for Jihad

Another great Mark Steyn classic, where he states the obvious. Hattip Little Green Footballs. more »


Letting the EU have it...

Czech President Václav Klaus, 64, discusses his criticism of the European Union, the problems of exporting democracy and his country's postwar relationship with neighboring Germany in an interview at Der Spiegel. Some excerpts: SPIEGEL: Your fu… more »


The Muslim Way of War

PRIVATE Daled Amos at Israpundit posted the above link to an analysis on the New York Post's website (registration required) by Amir Taheri that makes some penetrating observations. I'd discount the irrelevant reference to an original Star Trek epis… more »


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Paladin of the Empire Banagor hits another home run. Go. Read. Be enlightened. more »
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