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"Velvet Hammer"

That's the term being applied to Condolezza Rice in this MSNBC website news link to the Washington Post article about her taking over at the State Department. She may have changed the direction of State at the top, but there's still a lot of cruft and… more »


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"...a neurosis at the level of an entire civilization."

Via an Email from Tamar comes an interview with Pierre Rehov, documentary filmmaker, on the psychology behind suicide bombings. Read the whole thing, but the following is noteworthy (despite it's neo-freudianism): What insights did you gain from makin… more »


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Recent website outage...

It would HELP to make sure there's power to the hub... more »


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Motivation of Suicide Bombers

Via Brothers Judd, comes this enlightening little excerpt: He was polite as he welcomed me into his home. The house was surrounded by a high cement wall that had been fortified with steel. We sat down in a large, simply furnished room whose walls were… more »
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Little Girl

At Michael Yon's blog, via Rantburg, comes a haunting photo... Major Mark Bieger found this little girl after the car bomb that attacked our guys while kids were crowding around. The soldiers here have been angry and sad for two days. They are angry be… more »


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If it can give a welcome surge of energy to a U.S soldier in the Iraqi desert, then it should do the trick for a runner, a hiker, a third-shift worker or even an on-the-go mom. The Army even calls it "warrior-tested." What is it? The new HOOAH! Bar… more »


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The London Terror

I've been on a cruise in the Carribean, and am now heading back to port, trying to outrun hurricane Dennis, when news of the London Bombings hit the news. We at the War College stand in solidarity with our British cousins: all members of the Fighting… more »


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Comments are shut down while we're on vacation. Have a great 4th of July, be sure to single out our military for extra special thanks and appreciation, and see ya after the 8th. more »
Zion first.

THEN Jerusalem.
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