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"Don't shoot yourself in the foot...


...while it is still in your mouth."

Love it!  That's a keeper!


Islam is Fear


An article posted by Gromgoru at Rantburg gives a series of three links to the "Gates of Vienna" blog that outline the details of the control system built into Islam that maintains it and propagates it.


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Why ending the war on drugs won't solve anything


Walter Russel Mead points out how legal painkillers are being abused to show how legalizing currently illegal drugs would only cause bigger problems.

The link is to a specific day of publication: scroll down and read the article "Killer Pain Pills Dent Case for Ending War on Drugs".


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Porking up


The fact is that the rest of the Free World doesn’t spend enough on defense to maintain itself as the Free World. Its dependence on the US was tolerable after WWII while the US was the only economically intact democracy on the planet. Nowadays, though, there’s no excuse for them to lecture us on the inadequacy of our entitlements while they pour the money that they should be using to defend themselves into porking up their useless classes.

"Porking up"!

Gotta love it!


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" who were like gods."


Wretchard posts an article where he notes that it was on the Eastern front that we witness the clash of two men who ruled their nations like gods, and thus were unfettered by morals.

The results were not pretty.


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An A-Priori View of God


This essay on the debate between evolution and design points out that many of the objections to the idea of the world being designed made by Scientists are actually religious and philosophical, relying on a specific (and naively idealistic) view of God's character.  In a sense, men picture how they would want the creation to be like, extrapolate that desire into a "perfect" version, and impute that vision to God.  While the author fingers a specific Roman Catholic scholastic for propagating the "God is better than what we can imagine as being good", Roman Catholic literature directed to laymen of that era uniformly project such an attitude.

In such a system, self-revelation of God is not permitted: Science doesn't want that self-revelation, since then God would be manifested, but neither does a religion that untruthfully projects God as "a perfect man", in the way that Job's friends and Elihu imputed behaviors to God in an effort to "Buff Him up".  In the end, God revealed Himself to Job, then rebuked those men for lying about Him while justifying Job's honest attempt at dealing with God-as-revealed-by-Himself by way of His actions.

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Disputing Darwin


This is the title of an essay by Wretchard of Belmont Club on the creation of an entire generation of dependents whose only ability is to riot when the subsidies and the handouts run out.  It springs from a masterful article by Theodore Dalyrymple in City Journal.

Comment #33, provides a valuable link to how a Catholic Bishop in pre-Civil War New York City saved the Irish from a similar fate using Biblical methodologies. Here's an interesting quote:

A religion of discipline, stressing conduct and the avoidance of sin, can be a pinched and gloomy affair, but Hughes’s teaching had a very different inflection. His priests mitigated the harshness with the encouraging Doctrine of the Sacred Heart, which declares that if you keep the commandments, God will be your protector, healer, advisor, and perfect personal friend. To a people despised by many, living in desperate circumstances, with narrow economic possibilities, such a teaching was a bulwark against anger, despair, and fear. Hughes’s Catholicism was upbeat and encouraging: if God Almighty was your personal friend, you could overcome.

Not at all different from the core ideas that I am pursuing.




This is technology in development and not in the field.   Don't laugh like I did when I heard that the legendary Skunkworks was working on what would become UAVs.

Ya gotta love how American know-how is working to bring new meaning to the old phrase "Bringing a knife to a gunfight".


Oh NOW he's scared..


In early April a suicide blast ripped though a Pakistani shrine packed with thousands of devotees, leaving scores dead. Both attackers were schoolboys in their early teens. But one survived and told the BBC's Aleem Maqbool what made him want to take his life and the lives of others.
"I know my mother and my younger sisters, in North Waziristan, would know what's happened and they must be very upset. I just want to apologise to my mother. But at the time I detonated myself, thoughts of my family were not in my mind, I was only thinking about what the Taliban had taught me."

The attack could still cost Umar his life, he remains seriously ill.

He is also now scared that the Taliban could come to kill him at any time for failing in his suicide mission.

Oh. NOW that there is no guarantee of going to heaven by killing someone else, he's scared.


No compromise on Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood.

One of Obama's top priorities was to preserve funding for Planned Parenthood.


I am now considering the reasons why. 

Mainly because the first one that came to mind made my blood run cold...


Zion First. THEN Jerusalem.


I was reading this morning in Zechariah 8 when it struck me that the blessings God was speaking of in that chapter, and in the entire Old Testament, were quite physical and material.  The emphasis was on God providing them, not the false gods whose idols the pre-captivity Hebrews worshipped.

The physicality of the blessings enabled me to realize that Matthew 6:31-33 was a distinct promise for physical blessings.  However, there is a catch:

31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? 32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.  33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

It struck me that the church I used to go to was very adverse to talking about God giving literal, physical blessings, emphasizing that the spiritual ones were so much more important.  The denomination, on the other hand, emphasized the social gospel to the point of discouraging any thought that the recipients of any charity or government benefits be thankful to anyone for it.  They effectively wanted to excuse the recipients from having to seek first the kingdom of God before they could get help.  Indeed, if any physical help to be given them is to come from a governmental entity, then it necessarily must exclude any reference to the spiritual to adhere to their concept of the separation of church and state.  

Thus, I have changed the side-bar to "Zion First.  THEN Jerusalem."  "Zion" is a reference to the City of God that is Spiritual Jerusalem, and thus is the capital of the earthly portion of the Kingdom of God.  It represents the spiritual blessings of the Gospel .  "Jerusalem" refers to the physical City of David, and thus to the physical blessings of the Gospel.  The desire of the social gospel is that "Zion" and "Jerusalem" be kept separate, but the message of Jesus Christ was that "Jerusalem" is given to those who strive to enter "Zion". 

I need to clarify that the use of these words is stricly allegorical: I deny that Christianity has replaced Judaism in the economy of God, and thus has any claim of any sort on the physical city of Jerusalem that is the capital of the modern state of Israel.  I ran the above ideas by some fundamentalist Christians who clearly understood that this was a spiritual metaphor, so any liberals who think I'm referring to literal cities merely demonstrates their lack of spiritual discernment.


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Finally Moved!

I have been able to move the website to version 4.0.4 of B2Evolution.  The only problem I have is that the categories don't show up on my editor.  I will be continuing to research why that is happening. 

UPDATE: Fixed the Categories: there was a field that indicated the parent category that defaulted to 0 in an older version of the database that should have been set to NULL in a later version, but was not updated.  Fixed it using phpmyadmin.  I probably should post the fix in the help forum....


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An education in revolution


The Serb students who toppled Milosevic teach others how to generate revolt on the streets. Worth looking at, bookmarking, and remembering. Just in case.... Hattip Steve White via Rantburg

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Zion first.

THEN Jerusalem.
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