May 31, 2004

Memorial Day

Just a reminder to everyone, in the midst of all the usual holiday merrymaking and rushing about, to take some time to think about those who have fought and fallen for the American People. Think about relatives who have served and have passed on. Pick up the phone, call those still alive, and thank them for having served. If they're in the house, give them a hug and thank them. If there are veterans near at hand, take the time to thank them too for their service.

Finally, if you're out and about, and come across a service man or woman, and circumstances permit, go up to those brave individuals, and thank them personally for their service. Let's get out there and create REAL truths that will sink deep down in that place in their hearts and minds where we humans keep that which we use to KNOW, so that they will KNOW also what we REALLY think of them. Let's not let the fabricated truths of the damned liberals in the press and media go unchallenged: the handshake you give, and the words you utter, when replicated hundreds of times, will outshout in the place which really counts, deep in the hearts of real men and women, ten thousand column inches of tripe and cowardice posing as journalism.

Posted by ptah at May 31, 2004 08:27 AM

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