February 10, 2004

One State Solution hypocrisy...

Musing from the Dean's Office

Let's review some very obvious facts:

Observation: There was no Palestinian State in the Middle East prior to 1967. Prior to the 6 Day War, the West Bank was sovereign Jordanian territory, and the Gaza Strip was Egyptian territory. There was no "Palestinian Government" in exile after the 1967 war, because there was no such government there to begin with.

Observation: The West Bank and the Gaza Strip, along with the Golan heights and the Sinai Peninsula were captured by Israel in response to a threatened war of agression by Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, among others.

Observation: Egypt and Jordan, in their separate Peace Treaties, refused to reannex the former territorries of Gaza and the West Bank respectively, along with their arab populations.

Conclusion: All Israeli settlements built in the West Bank and Gaza on unowned or purchased Palestinian land are legitimate, because there was no Palestinian State prior to 1967 from which to take it, and the land was legitimately disowned by the former ruling bodies of them, Jordan and Egypt, in their respective peace treaties with Israel. Settlements built on land forcibly taken from Palestinians without just compensation are, by all standards, illegitimate until just compensation is rendered to the former owners, or are formally declared as spoils of the 1967 war.

One of the "threats" Palestinians make if the Separation Fence is not abandoned by Israel is that they will demand a "One State" Solution, which involves integration of Palestinians in Israel, with full voting rights.

Observation: All nation states have the right to determine who will, and who will not be, their citizens.

Observation: Jordan exercised this right to determine that the Palestinians living in the West Bank would not be Jordanian Citizens.

Observation: Egypt exercised this right to determine that the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip would not be Egyptian citizens.

Conclusion: Israel has the right to exercise the same right to determine who will be their citizens that Jordan and Egypt had exercised.

Imaginary Conversation:

LLL: Israel should accept the One State solution demanded by the Palestinians!

Me: Israel doesn't want the Palestinians as citizens.

LLL: That's terrible, cruel, and unjust of Israel! Where could they go?

Me: The territories used to belong to Egypt and Jordan. They could become Egyptian and Jordanian citizens again, like they used to before the 6 Day War.

LLL: But Egypt and Jordan doesn't want them!

Me: So when Egypt and Jordan says they don't want the Palestinians as citizens, you accept THAT with nary a murmur, complaint, or suggestion that THEY are terrible, cruel, and unjust. BUT, when Israel says the same thing, you scream, holler, and jump up and down in "righteous" indignation, despite the fact that, since these people either used to be Egyptian or Jordanian Citizens, or born to former Egyptian or Jordanian citizens, makes the obligation fall upon Egypt and Jordan more than Israel! Or does Egypt and Jordan, in your eyes, have rights that YOU DENY ISRAEL?

LLL: <changes subject>

In my workplace, there are people who demand that their rights and their persons be respected. Invariably, they get, from management, the respect they demanded, provided they do their jobs.

On the other hand, there are those who work harder (often much harder), but neither demand their rights nor the respect that work well done or done in excess of the requirements receive management respect, apparently counting on their good character and intentions. Invariably, these people get dumped upon with more work, have their rights ignored, and are rarely appreciated openly and verbally.

Israel should stop trying to angle for the good will of the world community, and instead demand the right to exercise the same rights all other nations have. This will especially shut up Colin Powell, a member of a race in America who has demanded the very same thing from their fellow citizens, and who will be made a laughing stock if he utters the equivalent of "Equal rights for me, but not for thee!"

Another thing. IF one is to claim that Sharon is somehow responsible for all the deaths of Palestinians making war against Israel, then why is it that bloody third world tyrants who have murdered even MORE people in their own countries are not singled out, along with Sharon, for equally vocal condemnation?

I pine for the day when Israel says:


Posted by ptah at February 10, 2004 03:05 PM

did your leftist not point out that in fact Jordan DOES offer Palestinians citizenship ?

Also its more appropriate that they get Israeli citizenship because Israel/Palestine is where they come from, Palestinians have lived in Israel/Palestine for centuries. to force them to go to other countries would validate the 1948 ethnic cleansing.

Posted by: Oliver Twist at February 20, 2004 06:12 AM

Excellent site! Keep going!!!

Posted by: Franki at March 18, 2005 11:02 AM
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